Steve grew up in Ohio and graduated from the University of Akron with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics minor. After college Steven moved to Boulder hoping to find people more like himself. Boulder/Denver was also one of the best areas to find a software position. During college, Steven realized he did not like the jobs engineering offered and sought a software job from his self-taught skills. A Denver company hired him with allowing him to work at home most days and work flex hours.

Things started to turn around when Steve joined a biking club and discovered he was great at biking. After only a few months he decided he wanted to do triathlons. He got a top model time trial bike the Giant Trinity Advanced SL. After some months of getting back into swimming, Steven joined the masters swim classes taught by the legends including Dave Scott and Wolfgang Dittrich. He's made friends with professional and amateur athletes of all levels.

In Steve's premier season, he dominated the amateur field and placed into the pro field. He competed in his first Ironman at the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After completing the season, Steve accepted his elite license going pro.

When not doing triathlon, Steve keeps busy with other interests. You can find him out dancing salsa various nights or climbing at the gym. Occasionally he makes an attempt at skate skiing. Steven studies Spanish so he can understand and connect with more people. He likes singing and picks up a guitar every so often attempting to learn to play.

Steve's dream is to become well known in triathlon and use his fame and talents to help people by inspiring them achieve greatness and find happiness.